Triennale di Milano | Back to Muzio

La Triennale di Milano appointed AR.CH.IT Luca Cipelletti the Artistic Direction of “Back To Muzio” a project that, over the coming years of renovation and restoration, aims to rediscover the remarkable spatial qualities of the original building designed in the 30s by Giovanni Muzio.

photo Archivio Triennale

Arthur Arbesser Fall Winter 2014/15. Hosted and exhibited by Luca Cipelletti

“The two artistic spirits were working together to display Mr. Arbesser’s designs against a collection of Modernist art” – “Using their artistic vision, the two men started pairing clothes with objects, and achieved some fascinating results.” – “The result was arresting and original, an excellent example of two minds bouncing off one other.” (Suzy Menkes, The New York Times)