Caffè Triennale | a renovation project at Triennale Milano

Location: La Triennale | Milan, Italy
Year: 2022
Type: Public space

The project follows principles of sustainability and energy efficiency and gives a central role to greenery, through the creation of a space enriched by numerous plants and thanks to a new perspective opened from the entrance of the museum towards the Parco Sempione.

The central space of the cafeteria was opened, so as to enhance the perspective axis from the entrance and make the large windows overlooking Parco Sempione more visible. This central space will be used to house a series of temporary installations dedicated to nature and sustainability. The two niches on the side of the entrance steps to the hall were also opened, through transparent partitions, to further emphasize the visual connection of the rooms and the perspective from the atrium.

The new Caffè Triennale is characterized by the strong presence of plants, donated by Vivaio Vanucci in Pistoia, positioned on the perimeter of the space and between the tables, emphasizing the direct continuity with Parco Sempione entering the interior of Triennale.

Another important aspect is the lighting project sponsored by Artemide: Alphabet modular lamps by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), underline with a graphic sign of light the rib of the original structural design of the engineer O. Hoffman, and the Gopel lamps, more punctual and suspended at a height of three meters, chosen in white to illuminate the tables and colored on the perimeter of the room to encourage the growth of plants.

The counter, moved to the short side of the space where the kitchen is located, was redesigned with Lavazza involving the illustrator and graphic designer Raikhan Musrepova. The tables were designed for the Triennale by Giulio Iacchetti while the seats are by Molteni. A key element of the new project, the central exhibition space will host installations of great visual impact that will alternate throughout the year. The first work to be presented is GL 03 by Andrea Branzi, a master of contemporary architecture and design. The work – part of the Grandi Legni Collection, is produced by Design Gallery Milano & Galleria Nilufar.