Looking for… | Alessandro Pedretti collection at Triennale Design Museum

Location: La Triennale Design Museum | Milan, Italy
Year: 2006
Type: Exhibition

In a more than twenty years research, conducted according to a specific project, Alessandro Pedretti has collected a mine of typical cultural Italians objects.

In many cases there are anonymous projects or not entered yet in the design Olympous, but in every case contribute in order to gather the evolution of the everyday objects, the transformation of the residence and the relationships between things and places. The exhibition made of the typical storehouse galvanized steel, presents the thinking and the modality of Pedretti ‘s collection. The graphic design rotates around the Marcello Nizzoli‘s paper-knife designed for Olivetti (1959).

The stylized graphic design of the object is composed in a graphic image that becomes the form that celebrates its own function with its presence on the invitation. The corporate image is suitable for all the promotional and informational materials and the object becomes the symbol for the exhibition. The reference guide designed as a “color table” of the design objects, allows you to understand the exhibition and divides the objects into integration categories.