Casa Lana | An Ettore Sottsass’s interior reconstruction at Triennale di Milano

Location: La Triennale Design Museum | Milan, Italy
Year: 2021
Type: Exhibition

Sala Sottsass, located on the first floor of Triennale di Milano, houses the reconstruction and permanent display of a private residence interior: Casa Lana, designed by Ettore Sottsass in the mid-1960s in Milan and now open to public thanks to a donation by Barbara Radice Sottsass.

The reconstruction of this “room within a room” consists of a permanent installation that acts as a central core around which a series of temporary exhibitions and events related to the work and thought of Ettore Sottsass are planned.


Casa Lana is a wooden structure, a “box” with sofas arranged in such a way as to create a small living area for conviviality and listening to music. The absence of corridors makes it possible to optimise the use of space, thus satisfying Ettore Sottsass’s desire to make the domestic environment “a small square in which you can walk around and meet people”.


Its philological reconstruction was the subject of an in-depth study by the archives, the client’s heirs and the Triennale Milano restoration laboratory, in which Luca Cipelletti took part with the rearrangement direction with Christoph Radl, art director of the project, and Marco Sammicheli, curator of the first exhibition “Ettore Sottsass. Struttura e colore”.