Exhibited at: Alcova, Milan Design Week 2018 – Giustini/Stagetti Gallery, Rome 2019, Italy
Year: 2018/2019
Type: Design

Photo credits: Henrik Blomqvist, Omar Golli


AR.CH.IT Luca Cipelletti presents XYZ. A series of solid wood tables and consoles where the focus is on a new and unique join of the bevelled tabletops to slender wooden legs.

The xyz project is the result of years of research by AR.CH.IT Luca Cipelletti as part of an architectural and exhibition design approach that considers the design of details as the foundations of the architect’s work. Xyz is a piece of furniture. Conceived as a table, it is also a console, a bench and a nightstand: a family of objects with a common design principle. The project XYZ was presented at Alcova during the Milan Design Week in 2018.

The name xyz sums up the work on the design of all the products. The focus is on their angle: a modelling of the three-dimensional physical space that leads to the cancellation of the three spatial coordinates xyz. Here the planes meet to achieve the minimum thickness and weight of the material. Objects change according to the observation point, minimizing their three-dimensional presence and reaching the essence of their function and the material they are made of. The key to the project is the angle / node: a structure that deceives the eye and depending on the perspective makes the products, both surface and legs, appear two-dimensional and always different. Made out of solid wood, the heaviness of which is lightened thanks to work on the structure, internal and invisible, which makes them look like blades. The tables fly, they clearly show the spatial concept of the project: the meeting of the three axes (xyz) in one point.



is a bespoke service: clients can choose from a wide range of materials and sizes (xyz: length, width, height) according to their needs and wishes.
xyz is a design project that summarizes the work on space, on the deduction of the material, on the point of view, on the perspectives and on the various plans of the object, recurrent themes in the work of Luca Cipelletti.
Made near Milan, in Brianza, by Bassano Arredamenti.



Architectonic Furniture Made-to-Measure has been protagonist of a solo exhibition by Luca Cipelletti at Giustini/Stagetti Gallery in Rome during 2019.



Alongside all the different table types and desks that make up the collection, a choice of lamps selected and curated by Cipelletti, were also on exhibition: these are by among the leading Italian designers active in the period spanning the 1940s through 1960s, and include Gino Sarfatti and Franco Albini. This display pointed to an array of correspondences between the pure geometry and technical research of the modern era, and the rigorous and experimental, yet essential, language of the contemporary author.



The exhibition marked the beginning of a broader collaboration that has continued on the occasion of the 2019 Salone del Mobile, with the exploration of another theme that is a hallmark of Cipelletti’s productions: the dialogue between art, design and architecture.