ProjectB Gallery

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2014
Tipe: Museum
Client: Project B Gallery

A project based on architectural subtraction, perspective and ever-changing perception of the space.

The opportunity for this project came about during the conversion of an anonymous space that had great potential, facing a typical Milanese courtyard. Instead of conforming to the usual model of a white box the exhibition space is arranged according to a logic of organized flexibility. The original layout was rectangular and interrupted by slanting walls, which allowed for the creation of a dynamic path and continuous sign system traversing all the rooms in the Gallery via two side corridors.

Starting from the entrance, an optical cone narrows progressively and gives visitors an original and complex feel for the space. The perspective on the rooms is generated by iron portals that establish a stark colour contrast with the white exhibition walls. All the technology is hidden within the projection of the optical cone on the ceiling. Perspective sight lines close and open to different forms, that change shape according to the angle of vision.

The flexibility of the rooms and the perspective sight lines are also thematised in the design of the elm furniture (designed by and made by Giacomo Moor). This furniture is further integrated without interrupting the perception of the space. Work stations become more compact, freeing up room during opening events. The same is true of the bookcase, a flexible “environment” that becomes an integral part of the exhibition path. As this element is completely covered in wood, it is able to define a more intimate and reserved space for the provision of a small library of art books.

Particular attention has been given to the lighting, designed with Studio Pasetti, and a clear emphasis has been placed on the formal relationship that the detail provided by the lighting apparatus establishes with the perspectival geometries and the furniture design. All exhibition rooms are equipped with a system of LED linear elements, purpose-built so to adjust the light intensity according to the different lighting and exhibition requirements.